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Beijing overloaded truck collapsed bridge was sent

< p > local time on July 19 days of zero hour 40 minutes, a car weighing 160 tons of serious overloading of sandstone shaft 6 truck (commander 14 meters wide, 2.5 meters,piumini moncler outlet, 2.2 meters high), the Huairou District,hogan outlet online, Baoshan Temple White River Bridge in the first hole,moncler femme pas cher, bridges collapsed, currently 4 holes are collapsed,borse gucci scontate online, the accident did not cause casualties.
driver Zhang overload 110 more than tons, open heavy half hanged tractor pull sand, Huairou District treasure town Baoshan Temple White River bridge collapse.
< br   > recently,ugg outlet online, Zhang for committing the crime of causing traffic casualties is Huairou District Court sentenced to imprisonment for four years, and compensation for economic losses in Beijing Municipal Committee of Communications Bureau of highways in Huairou Road branch of 155.6 million yuan, the owner and his son negative jointly and severally liable for damages.
< br   > court found,moncler pas cher, 2011 July 19 0 o'clock,air max femme pas cher, 34 year old Zhang driving a car heavy half hanging traction vehicle sand stone, traveling to Baoshan Town, Huairou District Baoshan Temple White River Bridge,doudoune canada goose pas cher, due to serious overloading of vehicles more than 110 tons of cause of the bridge collapse. Beijing City Public Security Bureau Huairou branch of the traffic detachment, Zhang bear the full responsibility of the accident. Huairou District Price Certification Center identification, destroyed the bridge worth more than 1556 yuan.
< br   > it is understood, Zhang was driving vehicle accident all artificial Cao, operators and managers for the son, Zhang employed.
< br   > the court believes that Zhang violation of traffic regulations to drive the vehicle, the occurrence of major accidents,ugg australia outlet, resulting in public or private property suffered heavy losses, is if the circumstances are especially serious, his behavior constituted the traffic accident crime. In view of the fact that Zhang voluntarily pleaded guilty,borse gucci, can be given a lighter punishment according to law. In addition,woolrich outlet, Zhang's criminal behavior to the Huairou Highway Bureau caused economic losses, should bear the responsibility for compensation. Zhang was hired, in the performance of his father and son in the performance of his work on the delivery of a major accident, causing serious damage, so the economic losses caused by the accident, the three per capita should bear joint and several liability.
- statement
&quot,borse gucci online;huge compensation according to price appraisal"
< br   > Beijing Yingke Law firm lawyers Yao Zhiming said that decision three incidental civil litigation defendants jointly and severally liable to compensate loss of Huairou Branch Road Bridge 1556 million yuan, from the legal point of view is reasonable, because the bridge loss is the result of price Certification Center Identification and after cross examination and judgment basis.
< br   > "because three defendants in court that can not afford to lose thousand million loss,scarpe gucci uomo, which after the entry into force of the decision, executive link has certain difficulty." Yao Zhiming said, but at the implementation level,tiffany outlet, as long as the defendant has the property to be executed,moncler outlet online, the court is ready to be executed.
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