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发表于 2015-11-21 10:15:33 |显示全部楼层

Jianshi to speed up the standardization of Forestry Station

(network editor: A Wei) ,christian louboutin pas cher6 [6 b) L- S, w4 Y# ~
< p > according to the relevant requirements,hogan rebel outlet, the county from the perfect infrastructure,air max soldes, strengthen the service function,moncler sito ufficiale, regulate forestry station management of,stivali ugg italia, strengthen standardization construction to give priority to the station house construction,hogan outlet, system construction and team construction of forestry,christian louboutin pas cher, to adapt to the collective forest right system reform and the development of forestry,chaussures louboutin pas cher, to enhance the protection and management of forest,botte ugg pas cher, forest fire prevention,alexander mcqueen shoes, forest pest damage control and forestry technology popularization and comprehensive ability,nike tn pas cher, promote the forestry ecology,ugg outlet online, forestry and forest culture construction. The county plans to build 10 high standard forestry stations in two years. : R% c1 M3 k( t* ?; V
Enshi daily news (reporter Ran Siyao,calzature gucci outlet, Zhou Ruifeng) August 2nd,alexander mcqueen outlet, Jianshi Jingyang County Forestry Station building completed. This is the county to create a standardized construction of forestry stations qualified County of a content. 2 Y4 Z* n& r& O; I! i
source: Enshi daily
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Recently, the price of Chinese cabbage in Xinye, Henan fell to a penny, farmers planted a loss of 1000 yuan. But the farmers' market, the packing, loading and other expenses, but according to the correct. On the retail market, the price of cabbage a pound of up to 4 yuan. / [, k6 `# X" d, Z1 z4 r$ e* E
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